Handmade Cool Leather Handbags Bagfashionista

Handmade Cool Leather Handbags Bagfashionista

Handmade Cool Leather Handbags Bagfashionista

Handmade Cool Leather Handbags Bagfashionista. handmade leather handbags with European quality, without wanting to pay a premium price for owning one. We started designing cool handbags and handmade original Ipad covers in tune with the latest fashions. Bagfashionista Marbella

New Arrivals and Bagfashionista


Bagfashionista – New Arrivals

Best bags for spring/summer 2016:


Best bags for spring/summer 2016: From chic clutches to grown-up backpacks

No longer an afterthought, accessories are in a league of their own, providing a focal point for any outfit. From trusty totes to evening clutches, Emma Akbareian rounds up the essential arm candy every wardrobe needs

Burberry, spring/summer 2016 Dan MedhurstBurberry, spring/summer 2016 Dan Medhurst

Thanks to its ubiquitous presence on catwalks and in stores for numerous seasons, the backpack has graduated from its formerly reserved domain of school goers and cyclists to make a place for itself in the everyday wardrobe. Good news for the practically minded because it’s probably one of the most utilitarian styles out there, owing to the hands-free portability it allows.


spanish-hand-bags-bag-fashionistaSurely there would be more ladies out there who loved fashionable handbags as much as we do, and who could appreciate handmade leather handbags with European quality, without wanting to pay a premium price for owning one. We started designing cool handbags and handmade original Ipad covers in tune with the latest fashions.




Check out more from: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/fashion/features/best-bags-for-springsummer-2016-from-chic-clutches-to-grown-up-backpacks-a6868006.html

Handbags, Purses, and Shopping Bags

Crossbody Bags for Women-Bag Fashionista

Handbags, Purses, and Shopping Bag Styles

Go to any office, coffee shop, or mall today and you will see women lugging around bags that rival the size of carry-on luggage. They all reveal a cell phone, car keys, wallet, make up, receipts, energy bars, and a whole host of other gadgets and paraphernalia that are all deemed to be an essential part of a woman’s day.

Handbags are just that – bags that you carry in your hand. Tote bags, backpacks, messenger bags, or anything with a shoulder strap for that matter.

Once the shopper has decided on a type of purse, She or He can look into different styles of Handbags, purses or shopping bag. The style refers to the overall shape and design. Many bags fall into clearly defined categories, while others are hybrids of different style elements. The bag’s brand and material may also be factors in the decision making. Lastly, helpful purse accessories will round out a handbag purchase.

Women’s designer handbags and fashion styled purses have evolved from practical items to fashion statements to status symbols. Celebrities are often known for and photographed with their outrageously expensive designer bags. Many women have a particular brand of bag in mind when they are shopping. They may admire bags carried by celebrities or friends.

Because Bag Fashionista is an online retailer, you will find a selection of leather handmade handbags and purses unlike anywhere else. All our handbags are just a few clicks away. Navigate through our designer Women ‘ s Handbags. You can browse Handbags and Purses easily by clicking on the image of the style you are looking for.

Leather Clutch Bag in Salmon Handbag CariLeather Clutch Bag in Salmon Handbag Cari

Buy your stylish Salmon clutch bag online at a great price! This Salmon clutch bag Cari is handmade in Spain and is made entirely of high quality leather, on the inside and the outside.

This Salmon clutch has a large enough size to fit your wallet, mobile phone and more personal belongings that a bag fashionista might need! Inside it has a separate zipper pocket to keep your smaller belongings in check.


Crossbody Bags for Women-Bag Fashionista

Crossbody Bags for Women-Handbag Noémi

Our crossbody bags for women are designed and handmade in Spain with the best quality leathers.

This crossbody handbag Noémi is absolutely stunning. If you like fashionable and stylish handbags, than this one is for you! This handbag is made of two different colors of blue leather, in vogue with the latest color blocking fashion.

Black Crocodile leather Handbag Lili

black crocodile handbag Lili

Black Crocodile leather Handbag Lili

Black faux crocodile tote Lili

Black faux crocodile tote Lili-Bag fashionista

This black crocodile leather handbag is one of our most chic and elegant pieces. Check out why this black crocodile handbag is one of some celebrities’ favorite styles and how they combine it  by clicking  http://www.popsugar.com/latest/Crocodile-Bags  .

This black crocodile handbag Lili is made with crocodile embossed leather. This means that it is made with a high quality leather that has been embossed with a crocodile print. It is not made with actual crocodile leather. This black crocodile handbag has a classic temporary twist. It is a fashionable tote model with small metal accents. The handles are long enough so that it can be worn as a shoulder handbag as well.

Our Spanish handbags are made with the best quality leathers . The beautiful crocodile embossed leather and the chic model that makes it a wardrobe staple for any handbag fashionista.

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The Best Handbag Trends 2016



The Best HandBag Trends Spring / Summer 2016

The Best HandBag Trends From the BagFashionista´s Spring 2016 Collection … Another fashion month is officially in the books, and we’re taking stock of the spring fashion season to come.

When you invest in a handbag, chances are you wear it to absolute death. Sometimes, after weeks of toting your Favorite handbag, you don’t even want to know what lies at the bottom of that Bag. From structured shapes to mixed materials, BagFashionistas bold bag trends should be embraced with open arms. Not only are they practical, but they can even take the laziest girls’ everyday jeans-and-a-tee outfit to the next level.

The 2015 runways gave way to the ultimate wish list of both old styles and fresh trends we can’t wait to try out. The new shape this season? Well, let’s just say it’s hip to be square. Even straps are getting an update, as is your grandmother’s tendency to match her dress to her purse.

it’s all about finding the right look for you! While it is so easy to gravitate towards a quick grab bag, I strongly encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and switch up your style. A slew of hues and prints can actually serve as a neutral and will work so well with so many items already hanging in your closet — but if you aren’t completely convinced, try the trend with a small cross-body bag or clutch.

Designer handbags, leather purses and womens fashion bags 2016

How to combine a dark blue handbag in summer-Bag Fashionista

Designer handbags, leather purses and fashion bags for Women 2016.

Fashionable Designer Handbags, purses and handbags are one of the greatest and most practical items a woman can own. Women & girls can not live without handbags today. Fashion leather handbags can be best choice. Here at Bagfashionista you can definitely find one handbag that suits your style. Our designer fashion leather handbags are made with the best quality leathers and designed at our studio in Marbella.

Designer Handbags small black handbags-Bag Fashionista

Timeless classic characterizes the best bags for Winter, natural leather and graphic prints on luxury skins, the season’s dominant colors of dark blue, and gray. Dark blue purses are a great investment for your wardrobe, be it summer or winter! Dark blue handbags combine with a lot of colors and styles and are very elegant.

Think high style with fun finishing touches, as we celebrate the new-season trends.
Small leather handbags are adaptable to all seasons and a lot of venues. Because of its versatility, this model Lili is a great little bag to invest in! It is small enough to take everywhere, be it during the day or a night’s out, and the classic dark blue color will adapt itself to a lot of outfits. Check out below how you could combine dark blue purses in summer.
Handbag fads come and go, but a fine leather handbag never goes out of style. If you think leather handbags might be unimaginative, think again. With almost unlimited choices in leather handbag finishes and colors we are sure you will find that perfect designer handbag or fashion purse you been searching for..