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Handbags, Purses, and Shopping Bag Styles

Go to any office, coffee shop, or mall today and you will see women lugging around bags that rival the size of carry-on luggage. They all reveal a cell phone, car keys, wallet, make up, receipts, energy bars, and a whole host of other gadgets and paraphernalia that are all deemed to be an essential part of a woman’s day.

Handbags are just that – bags that you carry in your hand. Tote bags, backpacks, messenger bags, or anything with a shoulder strap for that matter.

Once the shopper has decided on a type of purse, She or He can look into different styles of Handbags, purses or shopping bag. The style refers to the overall shape and design. Many bags fall into clearly defined categories, while others are hybrids of different style elements. The bag’s brand and material may also be factors in the decision making. Lastly, helpful purse accessories will round out a handbag purchase.

Women’s designer handbags and fashion styled purses have evolved from practical items to fashion statements to status symbols. Celebrities are often known for and photographed with their outrageously expensive designer bags. Many women have a particular brand of bag in mind when they are shopping. They may admire bags carried by celebrities or friends.

Because Bag Fashionista is an online retailer, you will find a selection of leather handmade handbags and purses unlike anywhere else. All our handbags are just a few clicks away. Navigate through our designer Women ‘ s Handbags. You can browse Handbags and Purses easily by clicking on the image of the style you are looking for.

Leather Clutch Bag in Salmon Handbag CariLeather Clutch Bag in Salmon Handbag Cari

Buy your stylish Salmon clutch bag online at a great price! This Salmon clutch bag Cari is handmade in Spain and is made entirely of high quality leather, on the inside and the outside.

This Salmon clutch has a large enough size to fit your wallet, mobile phone and more personal belongings that a bag fashionista might need! Inside it has a separate zipper pocket to keep your smaller belongings in check.


Crossbody Bags for Women-Bag Fashionista

Crossbody Bags for Women-Handbag Noémi

Our crossbody bags for women are designed and handmade in Spain with the best quality leathers.

This crossbody handbag Noémi is absolutely stunning. If you like fashionable and stylish handbags, than this one is for you! This handbag is made of two different colors of blue leather, in vogue with the latest color blocking fashion.