About us

Who We Are

Nathalie Van Doren launched the first collection of fashionable handbags in 2011 in Marbella, Spain, under the name of Kloé Bags.

In 2014, she decided to change the name of Kloé Bags to Bag Fashionista, because she felt Bag Fashionista portrayed much better the image and philosophy of the brand.

When starting the collection of stylish handbags and cool purses, Nathalie had a customer in mind like herself; somebody who loved cool handbags made of high quality leather, but who did not want to pay a fortune to own one. She was very dissapointed by the other options out there; cheap massmade handbags of very low quality which se did not feel were a reflection of her style and values.

Surely it must be possible to make affordable leather bags for women at a better price without compromising quality? To make a collection of affordable luxury so to speak.

Bag Fashionista wants to give customers the possibility to shop chic handmade leather handbags online at reasonable prices. Hopefully we have been able to make a collection that speaks to you, from one Bag Fashionista to another! 🙂


Our Philosophy

At Bag Fashionista, we aim to make collections of stylish affordable handbags and cool purses handmade by artesans and with the best quality leathers.

Since our patent leather handbags are handmade in Spain by craftsmen, we design small collections which are each unique. The leathers we use are of great quality and they should become more beautiful with every use.

Our wish is that our clients can shop quality leather handbags online and that they can enjoy their favorite quality leather handbags for years to come.