Womens Fashion Handbags

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Womens Fashion Handbags

Handbags are your outfit and favorite accessory, They complete your look, add a fashion statement and they’re practical!

Hand bags are not just a bag, they are a fashion tool. They are woman’s most essential fashion accessory, Ok lets not forget shoes. Who else is going to stylishly carry your keys, cellphone and makeup? Bags are like relationships, some are fun and short-lived and others turn into life-long partnerships.

Handbags are a huge part of our everyday lives, so making sure you select the right type for your lifestyle and personal style is quite crucial to creating a fabulous “first bag impression”.  It represents something deeply private to you – it contains your survival kit for daily life in the urban jungle – and leaving your house without it makes you feel naked, right?


Crocodile Handbags

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Crocodile Handbags work with any season and look.

Crocodile handbags are still a big hit for fashionistas! At the end of 2014, a Hermès Birkin bag in crocodile leather was sold at an auction for a whopping $185.000! Of course, this was a one of a kind fashion handbag, sold as a collection piece.

Our handbag Elena, in brown embossed crocodile leather, is not quite as expensive, but still a beautiful handbag. It would make a chic accessory to any fashionista’s street style look.

Crocodile bags can be toned up or down; pair it with jeans or some skinny trousers and a T-shirt, and you have a casual but chic look.

You can wear it with a beautiful skirt, a blouse and some high heels, and you have a polished business look.

To wear a crocodile handbag in summer, you have to balance it off with a lighter fashion style. You can pair it with some cut off jeans, a pretty shirt and some ballet flats. Or if you like a more Boho look, pair it with a tank top, some loose trousers, sandals and as cherry on the pie, an interesting hat.

It is my humble opinion that crocodile handbags work well in any season, and are very versatile with a lot of outfits. That is why I think they are a great classic to have in your wardrobe!